Property Tax Refund

Let Swanson Hinsch Prepare Your Minnesota Property Tax Refund Return

Don't Miss Out On Your Refund!

Homeowners may qualify for a refund up to $2,710. 

Renters may qualify for a refund up to $2,100  

   You may be eligible for a property tax refund if:

1. You are a homeowner and your 2017 household income was less than $110,650


2. You are a homeowner whose net real estate tax increased by more than 12% from 2017 to 2018 and the increase was $100 or more, regardless of your household income


3. You are a renter and your household income in 2017 was less than $59,960.


Mail all your 2018 real estate tax or 2017 renter’s CRP statements to our office.

Please call 507-388-1770 or email with any questions.

Homeowners & renters can expect their refunds by October 15th for returns that are filed by the August 15, 2018 deadline.

Minnesota property tax return includes the non-game wildlife fund check-off.  Please include a note to us if you are interested in making a donation to this fund and the amount.

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